Our Approach

We believe that all children are capable, motivated learners as long as the adults follow their unique learning timeline. Homegrown Learning is the magic that takes place when you create a learning lifestyle by combining together a child’s natural curiosity with open ended learning experiences.

Create Unique Learning Experiences

By tapping into each child’s innate curiosity, we nurture their natural desire to dive deeply into academic endeavors, seek answers to their questions, and master important skills.

Trust the Child's Unique Learning Timeline

We all have different life experiences which shape our unique learning timeline. The experiences we give our children is what shapes when they will be ready and motivated to learn specific skills. By patiently waiting until your child is motivated to learn the important skills, you can ensure that your child will learn quicker, have a deeper understanding of the skill, and be able to apply it in real world experiences with ease.

The World is Our Curriculum

The world has a lot to offer, but it’s impossible to create a timeline of learning that meets the interests and needs of all children. That’s why we focus on teaching the basic skills and “unschool” the rest.

The Adult Controls the Environment

Unschooling doesn’t mean you leave your child to fend for themselves and do whatever they want. Instead you actively teach your child how to learn by creating an encouraging environment. You are in control of the environment. You control the experiences you give your child and the resources you provide.

The Environment Controls What is Learned

When your child grows up in an encouraging environment, learning happens naturally. The experiences and resources you provide sparks interests. Then it’s your job to guide them on the learning journey by providing other resources, materials, and asking open-ended questions that expands their curiosities.

The Child Controls the When & How

In order to fully learn a concept/skill, a child needs to be motivated and have a genuine reason for learning. Without those two pillars, a child will graze through the learning activities “just to get it done.” Once your environment is set up, you patiently wait for your child to become motivated and ready to learn. At that point, your child will flourish and the learning will happen naturally. That’s when you’ll see the true love for and engagement in learning that you’ve been waiting for.

Interdisciplinary Investigations

Learning is not linear, nor is it separated into subjects. Literacy, science, art, math, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning are woven into every exploration. Interdisciplinary teaching inspires children to see each topic through a variety of perspectives and allows them to express their understanding through a variety of mediums.

Homeschooling is Not School

Drop the school mindset. No desks, no chalkboard, no worksheets. Homegrown Learning is all about creating a learning lifestyle where home, family, and education is one in the same.

Create a Learning Lifestyle that helps you be as free as an unschooler, and as well-prepared as a teacher.

Let me show you how!

Download our Learning Lifestyle Guide, and you’ll never have to worry about your child missing important skills. Everything that needs to be covered is presented in an open-ended way that allows your child to take the lead while igniting a strong passion for learning.