Ignite a love of learning with inspiring lessons at your fingertips

Homegrown Learning Member’s Club gives you the tools you need to ignite a love of learning in your children and create a relaxing and enchanting hands-on homeschool.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

What if there was a way to engage all your children and learn together as a whole family without wasting hours searching for the perfect resources?

That’s exactly why I created the Homegrown Learning Member’s Club. I want to help you bring back the joy in homeschooling with enriching literature, integrated investigations, and hands-on learning that doesn’t waste a ton of time that you don’t have.

Introducing the...

Homegrown Learning Member's Club

Don’t waste another day trying to create plans from scratch. With Homegrown Learning’s pre-made plans you and your child will wake up excited for the day’s lessons.

Hey There! I'm Amanda!

There’s one thing I know for sure…

Letting go of societal pressures and creating a learning lifestyle centered around your family is the best way to have consistency, balance, and joy within your homeschool.

Too often, homeschoolers waste time and energy (which let’s face it, we don’t have) trying to figure it all out. You’re probably spending too much time…

  • piecing together resources to reach each of your children’s ability levels
  • agonizing over which curriculum will be best
  • wondering if you’re doing enough and what more you can do

What I end up seeing all the time is way too many homeschool moms frustrated and doubting if they can really do this homeschool thing.

They constantly ask themselves…

And eventually, they decide to throw in the towel because maybe this whole homeschool thing wasn’t meant to be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

I have worked with thousands of homeschool families, like you, who are at that sweet spot of “I really want this to work” and “Is this ever going to work?”

Maybe you have:

  • created strict schedules and/or looping schedules
  • bought every planner imaginable
  • used timers, thematic bins, and lists
  • felt like you are doing ALL THE THINGS

… and you really are trying, and with the best of intentions! But it all starts with getting your child to engage in your lessons. Without an engaged child, you might as well be talking to the wall.

That’s why I created the Homegrown Learning Member’s Club. I’m taking my experience from being a classroom teacher and meshing it together with a bit of research based evidence on child-led learning to create engaging lessons that both you and your child will be excited to participate in each day.

You’re Best Homeschooling Years are Just a Click Away…

Imagine waking up each day to excited children who start asking what they’ll learn about that day as soon as their little eyes open. You’ve finally figured out how to add enchantment to your homeschooling days that engage your children while giving you the confidence that they’re learning everything they need to learn. With the Homegrown Learning Member’s Club, you can easily add enchantment, inspiration, and adventure to your homeschool.

So Now You Have a Choice...

You can continue piecing together a bunch of dry resources in hopes that your children will engage. Or, you can let me help you. I have done all the heavy lifting for you. 

Our unit studies and book studies give you the directions to confidently guide your children through their unique learning journey with integrated, hands-on investigations. I give you everything you need to add the joy back into your homeschool lessons. All you need to add are your children.

You chose this homeschooling path because you wanted something more for your children. But are they getting that? It’s up to you now!

Do you want to inspire your children to learn and give them a strong foundation for their future? Or do you want to continue with the traditional way of education that leaves children without critical thinking skills or a desire to learn?

Ignite a love of learning today!

Here’s what you’ll get inside the Member's Club:

Unit Studies

Each month you’ll receive an integrated unit study with hands-on activities, book suggestions, and game ideas

Book Studies

Once per quarter you’ll receive a comprehensive book study with hands-on activities, writing prompts, and thought-provoking discussion questions


Once per quarter you’ll receive a pre-recorded workshop to give you the confidence in homeschooling your children with a relaxed learning lifestyle



Get access to our Facebook group with like-minded moms to help you along your homeschooling journey

How Our Unit Studies Work

Our unit studies are designed with the whole family in mind. By tapping into each child’s innate curiosity, we nurture their natural desire to dive deeply into academic endeavors, seek answers to their questions, and master important skills.

Learning is not linear, nor is it separated into subjects. Literacy, science, art, math, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning are woven into every exploration. Interdisciplinary teaching inspires children to see each topic through a variety of perspectives and allows them to express their understanding through a variety of mediums.

Meet Jaxon and Harleigh

Our young adventurers are along for the ride. You’ll start each main topic with a letter from our adventurers. These letters give your child a challenge and something to pay attention to while doing the activities. The adventurers also tell simple stories that help your child make connections to their real-life making learning meaningful. Jaxon & Harleigh also model good questioning and curiosity. The goal is to ignite that curiosity in your child. You’ll soon notice your child asking questions and sharing their curiosities in the same way as the adventurers.


You’ll start each lesson by reading the adventure letter and stepping into a book or video to learn about the day’s topic. This part of the lesson is designed to create curiosity and can be done as a whole family.


You’ll follow the learning part of the lesson with an experienced-based, integrated, hands-on activity that the whole family can do together. This part of the lesson helps your child make connections, develop a deeper understanding, and put the new knowledge into action.


The last part of the lesson is the extension activities where your child can continue the learning in their own way and on their own time. Here is where you’ll find activities that can be differentiated based on your children’s ability levels.


$ 15 Per Month
  • Monthly Unit Study
  • Quarterly Book Study
  • Quarterly Workshop
  • All materials are only accessible during the month they are released
  • 10% discount on our annual homeschool conference


  • Monthly Unit Study
  • Quarterly Book Study
  • Quarterly Workshop
  • The Vault where you can find all of our already released curriculum, resources, and workshops
  • Full and instant access to everything
  • One time payment-- Never pay again for the lifetime of our Member’s Club
  • 30% discount on our annual homeschool conference


$ 150 Per Year
  • Monthly Unit Study
  • Quarterly Book Study
  • Quarterly Workshop
  • The Vault where you can find all of our already released curriculum, resources, and workshops
  • Full and instant access to everything
  • 2 months free
  • 20% discount on our annual homeschool conference

2021 Proposed Release Schedule


  • Exploring Your Community Unit Study


  • Exploring Space Unit Study
  • Ragweed by Avi Book Study
  • The 4 Essentials to a Relaxed Homeschool Workshop


  • Exploring Dinosaurs Unit Study


  • Exploring the Farm Unit Study


  • Design a Garden Unit Study
  • Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White Book Study
  • How to Be a Learning Guide Workshop


  • Leo Leoni Author Study


  • Eric Carle Author Study


  • Exploring North America Unit Study
  • Nate the Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat Book Study
  • The Importance of Your Homeschool Room Workshop


  • Exploring South America Unit Study


  • Exploring Europe Unit Study


  • Exploring Asia Unit Study
  • Wonder by R.J. Palacio Book Study
  • Why Your Homeschool Routine Matters Workshop


  • Christmas Around the World Unit Study

Already Released Unit Studies and Workshops

Yearly and Lifetime Members get instant access to our already released unit studies and workshops.

What Others Are Saying...


Access for both subscriptions is almost exactly the same. The biggest difference is that Yearly members have access to a special section called The Vault. The Vault includes all the previous Homegrown Learning unit studies, curriculum, and workshops that we have created. Monthly members will only have access to the current month’s unit study, book study, and/or workshop.

Great question! The Lifetime Plan and The Yearly Plan is best for the person who wants it all. She is a big user of the unit studies. She wants the freedom and flexibility to choose which set of plans to do each month. Both the Lifetime and Yearly plans are a much better deal financially if it fits in your budget no matter how you use the subscription. The Monthly Plan is best for people who want to give the subscription a try and see what is on the inside. It is also a great budget option if the yearly price doesn’t fit in the budget right now.

A new unit study is released on the first of every month. The quarterly workshops and book studies will be released in February, May, August, and November.

Yes! To ensure you don’t miss anything and remain at your current locked-in pricing, your subscription will automatically renew one year from the date of purchase (yearly) or on the day you purchased each month (monthly). There is no renewal for lifetime members. You will get an email five days before your renewal date as a reminder. You can manage your subscription at any time on your subscriber dashboard. If you cancel your subscription, you will remain an active subscriber until your renewal date — you do not immediately lose access. You may download any of the plans during your subscription and continue to use them after, but you will not be able to access the resource pages for those plans if your subscription ends and you will not have access to new plans or updates to downloaded plans. Due to the digital nature of the plans, refunds will not be given after 7 days of your first payment.

We know how important it is to simplify your homeschool in as many ways as possible. That’s why we try to include the whole family in our plans. You’ll find simple activity ideas for your youngest learners and activities to help your older children apply what they’re learning.

We always try to keep our families’ budgets in mind as we make the plans. With that said, most materials for the hands-on activities can be found around the house or purchased cheaply at the store.

All of the resources at Homegrown Learning are secular. However, some books may reference different types of religions and beliefs. We believe it is up to the parent’s to have discussions with their children about their family’s unique beliefs.

Once you join, you’ll receive an email with login information to our membership portal.

If you have more questions, please email amanda@homegrownlearning.net and we’ll help you out.


Try the Homegrown Learning Member’s Club Yearly or Lifetime Subscription for 7 days. If you’re not finding more joy in your homeschool days, feeling the freedom from hours of prep and planning, and getting the support you need to have a better homeschooling experience, then you can have your money back. In fact, if you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason just email amanda@homegrownlearning.net for a full refund before the 7 days expires — no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

Don’t wait! Create the educational experience you’ve been dreaming of today!

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