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Working with thousands of homeschoolers, I’ve come to l realize that every homeschool needs 4 essential pillars in order to be successful.

Pillar #1: Child-Led Activities

Every child has their own unique learning timeline. The experiences you give them and their environment are what shape that timeline.

Understanding how children learn and the science of learning helps you realize that every child develops differently and there is no such thing as ahead or behind.

Pillar #2: An Encouraging Environment

In order to truly learn something, your child must be intrinsically motivated. Just telling your child why the skill is important to learn isn’t enough.

The best way to develop intrinsic motivation is to create an environment that encourages them to learn and develop motivation in a natural way.

Your environment is more than just your homeschool room. It’s the whole atmosphere in which your child lives and thrives in.

Pillar #3: A Relaxed Routine

A child needs lots of time to explore on their own and in their own way. Having a relaxed routine helps your child thrive in their learning environment.

A relaxed routine doesn’t mean you don’t have any structure. It simply means your day has flexibility on time limits.

Pillar #4: Trust in the Process

This is the hardest part of homeschooling. In order to give your child a quality education, you must trust your child’s unique learning timeline.

Below you will find homeschooling tips related to all four of these pillars.

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