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Who said homeschooling had to be boring? Make it fun with these homeschool activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Below you’ll find posts with fun homeschool activities for math, science, social studies, writing, reading, and the holidays.

All of our homeschool activities are hands-on, open-ended, and easily adaptable to meet the needs of your family.

Here at Homegrown Learning, we believe that every child is a capable, motivated learner. In order to bring joy to your homeschool activities, you must do three things: follow your child’s lead, keep activities open-ended, and create an encouraging environment.

The public school system is failing 65% of students simply because they are not following these three things.

Every child has their own unique learning timeline that is shaped by the experiences we give them. When you learn to trust your child’s timeline, they begin to develop intrinsic motivation to learn. When you look at how children learn, you always get an age range. The only place you’ll see a definitive grade level for learning a specific skill is in the public school standards. Which is why they are not developmentally appropriate.

I know what you’re thinking! You’re wondering how your child will learn the important skills without you teaching them during a specific time period. This is where the trust comes in. When you create an environment that supports learning, provides fun homeschool activities, and waits until your child is intrinsically motivated the learning of important skills happens naturally.

Below you’ll find the fun homeschool activities. You can also find out more information about how to follow your child’s lead and create an encouraging environment on our homeschooling tips page.

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Traditional Education Standards Are Failing 65% of Students

It's Time To Do Something About That!

Download our free guide on the developmentally appropriate, natural learning standards. Use the research-based guidelines to help you understand what and when your child should be learning specific skills, so you can get your child’s homeschool plan completed in 30 minutes without spending hours researching curriculum.