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Have you thought about adding activities that promote a growth mindset for kids to your homeschool day? It’s hard to teach your child when they don’t have a positive self-image. Forcing a child to do schoolwork when they are not motivated is a huge factor in a declining growth mindset for kids. 

Many homeschool parents fear that their child is behind. That fear forces you to give your child consequences, rewards, and begin to drill & kill the passion out of them just to get your child caught up and on grade level.

But at what risk?

Ask yourself this question…

Would you rather your child be “on grade level?” Or would you rather have a child with a strong growth mindset?

Failure is a huge lesson in creating a growth mindset for kids. When you learn to let go of the control and trust your child’s unique learning timeline, they begin to flourish in their self-esteem.

Below you will find a variety of posts related to having a growth mindset for kids. You’ll learn how to help your child develop a growth mindset, how to teach your child in a way that fosters positive self-esteem, and how to handle situations where your child may be doubting themselves. In the posts below, you’ll also find emotional intelligence activities and character development activities.

You may also want to click here to check out our Emotional Intelligence Curriculum.

This curriculum is designed for ages 4-8. It works on creating a growth mindset by teaching your child how to use positive affirmations, how to use calm down strategies, and how to identify their emotions.

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