Overview: Looking for the best homeschool math curriculum? I’m giving you an honest review of Math With Confidence. This is a hands-on, comprehensive homeschool math curriculum.

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Searching for the best homeschool math curriculum can be a challenge. There are so many great options, but they all offer something different. 

As you begin your search for a homeschool math curriculum, you’ll run across several terms that are only used to describe math curriculum.

Mastery- Focuses on one topic at a time

Spiral- Teaches skills in small chunks and rotates more frequently through the topics

Conceptual- Focus on the why

Procedural- Focus on the how

A good homeschool math curriculum has a healthy mix of all of these methods, but most importantly the skills naturally build on top of each other. A good math curriculum should also have a strong focus on number sense and mental math. Mental math helps them think deeply about the operations and how the numbers relate to each other. Games such a Monopoly give children a good reason to practice mental math.

As a former teacher and curriculum addict, I’ve seen many different math programs. So I can say with complete certainty that Math with Confidence by Kate Snow is the best homeschool math curriculum out there.

Math with Confidence has a healthy mix of the 4 methods described above. They incorporate spiral review in their warm-ups which helps children build fluency over time. The main lessons are taught in a mastery format where your child will focus on one concept until developmentally appropriate mastery before moving onto the next concept.

All lessons teach the why (conceptual) and how (procedural) of each concept which helps them build a deep, connected understanding of each topic.

But most importantly, Math With Confidence is parent-friendly, hands-on, and fun. The curriculum provides lots of games and real-life connections. 

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How Math With Confidence Works

Math with Confidence is a brand new homeschool math curriculum by Kate Snow. She is also the author of the Facts That Stick series.

At the time of writing this post, Kindergarten is the only level available. First grade will be released in June 2021 and each consecutive grade level will be released in one-year intervals.

The curriculum is super affordable which is really hard to find in a good homeschool math curriculum. It comes with an instructor’s guide and a student workbook.

The instructor’s guide walks you through each lesson step by step with the exact words to say. It’s perfect for the homeschool parent who isn’t confident in teaching math, but it’s flexible enough for the homeschool parent that wants to add in their own personality.

The workbook is short and colorful. Every workbook page starts with handwriting numbers followed by a review of what was learned in the day’s lesson. It’s a great way to wrap up the math lesson. They can be done independently or together. My daughter prefers to do it together.

A Typical Lesson Layout

Each lesson starts with a warm-up that reviews past skills. The main lessons will include a hands-on activity such as playing store or a game like addition war. Then it ends with a simple workbook page.

All the lessons use household objects. If it’s not something you typically find in your house, the curriculum provides a paper copy. For example, you will use Pattern Blocks for the shapes unit. If you didn’t want to purchase Pattern Blocks, Kate provides a printable copy in the appendix.

The only other item I needed to purchase was index cards. You will also need a few pennies, dimes, and nickels for many of the lessons.

Kindergarten Math with Confidence Scope & Sequence

  • Numbers 1-10
  • Shapes and Symmetry
  • Directions and Patterns
  • Comparing Numbers to 10
  • Addition
  • Numbers to 20
  • Measurement
  • Subtraction
  • Numbers to 100
  • Time

Click here to view a sample of Kindergarten Math with Confidence.

Pros of Math with Confidence

  • Teaches one skill multiple ways (ex: when learning numbers 1-10, your child will use a tens-frame, coins, tally marks, pictures, and their fingers)
  • Uses household objects
  • Real-life connections
  • A weekly picture book that relates to the skills
  • Affordable
  • Lessons are short
  • Hands-on and lots of games

Cons of Math with Confidence

  • The number handwriting practice is all tracing. I would have liked to see the second half of the book encourage the numbers to be written without tracing.

Other than this little annoyance, I don’t have any other cons about this homeschool math curriculum. 

Some may think the Kindergarten level is a bit easy for a Kindergartener, especially at the beginning. I almost gave up on it in the first week because we were just reviewing numbers 1-10 which my daughter already had a good grasp on.

However, I’m glad I stuck with it because she now has an amazing number sense and can do a lot of the more challenging Kindergarten math skills in her head.

Math with Confidence by Kate Snow is one of the best homeschool math curriculums on the market. It’s hands-on, fun, easy to use, and affordable.

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