Give your child a quality education by creating a personalized homeschool plan

Give your child a quality education by creating a personalized homeschool plan

Get started by grabbing our Educational Standards Guide for a simple list of the important skills in each subject that needs to be covered as well as ideas for how and when to prioritize them.

Welcome to Homegrown Learning

For the past 5 years, we’ve been helping homeschoolers around the world understand how children learn and create a personalized homeschool plan for their child. Here’s how you can get started…

Learn About Learning

What do you need to teach your child in each grade? Download our Educational Standards Guide to find out what’s developmentally appropriate for each grade, which curriculums are the best, and how to teach each subject.

Explore Curriculum

We’re picky about our choices, so you can be confident that each curriculum follows the science of learning, allows for you to customize the plan to your unique child, and is hands-ons, multi-sensory, and lots of fun.

Create a Customized Plan

Your child will benefit from a homeschool plan that is customized to their unique needs. Our step by step plan helps you create a quality educational experience for your child without wasting a lot of time or money.

We're Here to Help

Parent Education

We teach parents about child development and developmentally appropriate teaching strategies. We’re here to support you through this whole journey. When you invest your time with us, you get an education specialist that is here to hold your hand, share resources, and shower you with a few special surprises.

Child Education

We are helping parents raise passionate learners with strong critical thinking skills by using guidelines that follow the science of learning. Our curriculum recommendations help foster independence, nurture higher-level thinking, and creates a fun educational experience.

Personal Growth

We’re helping both parents and children foster high self-esteem and confidence through mindfulness, goal setting, and character development while focusing on their strengths and interests. We’re also helping parents find time to themselves to complete their own projects and relax without feeling guilty.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all children are capable, motivated learners as long as their learning guide follows their unique learning timeline. Homegrown Learning is the magic that takes place when you create a personalized homeschool plan that follows the science of learning and your child’s intrinsic motivation to learn.

What Others Are Saying...

Kelly, Mom of Two
"I love to see my son catching onto certain areas so quickly while also being able to step back and work on other areas a little longer when needed. My child has grown a lot since starting the program. I love that our days are hands-on and child-led, but I don’t feel like we’re missing anything."
Jennifer, Mom of One
"One of the things I love about this style of homeschooling is that it’s relaxed and tailored to my unique child. This style just seems so patient and I love it, which is why I decided to do the investment. I believe it is an approach that should be taken more by many parents because every child is unique!"
Brittany, Mom of Twin Boys
"Omgosh, I love love love your work! This unit is amazing! I swear we are curriculum soul mates other than the fact that I despise making it myself. I'm not kidding, brought tears to my eyes seeing all the hands-on activities and the organization of it is just perfect."

Who's Amanda?

Single Mom, Homeschooler, Business Owner, Tutor.

As a former elementary school teacher, Amanda has spent her whole life learning about education. Weirdly enough, it’s one of her most cherished hobbies. 

Amanda is passionate about education and developmentally appropriate practices. She is dedicated to helping parents understand the REAL developmentally appropriate standards that their children should be meeting in each grade level.

Amanda is a supporter of delayed academics, child-led learning, and open-ended learning experiences. She strives to help parents feel confident in their educational choices while also making it fun for both the child and parent.

Ditch Educational Standards

Traditional education is failing 65% of students. It’s time to do something about it! Download our FREE educational guidelines to help you understand what and when your child should be learning specific skills.