Help your child focus on homeschool lessons without using rewards or consequences

​​I’m Amanda. And for the past 5 years, I’ve been helping homeschoolers around the world create a learning lifestyle. I share the REAL behind the scenes of our homeschool while sharing tips to help your child focus and ignite a passion for learning.

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Welcome to Homegrown Learning

We help homeschool moms engage their children and ignite a passion for learning without spending hours piecing together a bunch of resources or prepping a lot of materials. We do this through our hands-on classes, real world experiences, and open ended unit studies that deepen curiosities, encourage exploration, and develop strong problem solving skills.

Captivated Your Learner

With The Captivated Learner, you’ll learn how to engage your child in learning within 5 days so that learning can be enjoyable and fun for all.

Local Programs

Live in Maryland? Come join us in our interactive, hands-on classes or become a part of the family by joining our all-inclusive, secular co-op.

Engaging Lesson Plans

The Homegrown Learning Member’s Club gives you the tools you need to ignite a love of learning in your children and create a relaxing and hands-on homeschool.

Meet Amanda

Single Mom, Homeschooler, Business Owner, Co-Op Director, Teacher.

As a busy single mom, Amanda does not have the time to piece together curriculums to meet the needs of her children let alone fight with them to complete their schoolwork without hovering.

She tried loop schedules, morning baskets, and unschooling, but nothing kept her children engaged and learning. So she decided to ignore the advice of all the “popular homeschool moms” and carved out her own path, determined to ignite a passion for learning in her kids without taking a lot of time.

It’s called The Learning Lifestyle and it’s completely revolutionizing how homeschoolers get their children to engage in their lessons and develop a passion for learning by actually doing less.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all children are capable, motivated learners as long as the adults follow their unique learning timeline. Homegrown Learning is the magic that takes place when you create a learning lifestyle by combining together a child’s natural curiosity with open ended learning experiences.

What Others Are Saying...

Kelly, Mom of Two
"I love to see my son catching onto certain areas so quickly while also being able to step back and work on other areas a little longer when needed. My child has grown a lot since starting the program. I love that our days are hands-on and child-led, but I don’t feel like we’re missing anything."
Jennifer, Mom of One
"One of the things I love about this style of homeschooling is that it’s relaxed and tailored to my unique child. This style just seems so patient and I love it, which is why I decided to do the investment. I believe it is an approach that should be taken more by many parents because every child is unique!"
Brittany, Mom of Twin Boys
"Omgosh, I love love love your work! This unit is amazing! I swear we are curriculum soul mates other than the fact that I despise making it myself. I'm not kidding, brought tears to my eyes seeing all the hands-on activities and the organization of it is just perfect."

Create a Learning Lifestyle that helps you be as free as an unschooler, and as well-prepared as a teacher.

Let me show you how!

Download our Learning Lifestyle Guide, and you’ll never have to worry about your child missing important skills. Everything that needs to be covered is presented in an open-ended way that allows your child to take the lead while igniting a strong passion for learning.