Homegrown Learning Studio

Homegrown Learning Studio

An all-inclusive STEM-based homeschool co-op in Carroll County, MD

Welcome to Homegrown Learning Studio

For the past 6 years, we’ve been helping homeschoolers around the world understand how children learn. Now it’s time for us to switch gears and focus on our local homeschoolers by providing an all-inclusive co-op.

STEM-Based Projects

Our weekly classes will be centered around a monthly project. Students will work together in groups to complete the project using a variety of skills.

Field Trips

Once a month we will meet for an adventure somewhere in Maryland. Sometimes these field trips will be related to our monthly projects, but not always.

Community Events

This co-op is more than just a place to learn. It's a place to make friends and celebrate together. We'll host fun events throughout the year.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all children are capable, motivated learners who thrive when given the opportunity to problem solve on their own. Instead of telling a child what to learn and how to learn it, the adults are a learning guide who helps deepen the learning that the students direct by asking questions and providing resources.

What is Project-Based Learning?

PBL is a teaching method where students are learning through real-world and meaningful experiences. Students work on projects over an extended period of time and have complete control over the whole experience.

At the beginning of the month, students will do research and plan out the project. The rest of the month will be putting it together. Some projects will be shared with the community. The students will be in charge of collaborating on the project and working together from the planning/researching stage all the way through to the presenting stage.

Projects Ideas:

  • Creating a community garden and selling the produce as a fundraiser
  • Beekeeping and selling the honey as a fundraiser
  • Composting
  • Designing a roller coaster
  • Designing a pizza shop
  • Planning a road trip

The Details


Thursday @ 2pm

Starting September 9th


Calvery Methodist Church on Gamber Rd 



This Semester's Projects


Monthly Field Trips:

Sometimes our field trips will align with our monthly projects. For example, in September we will be designing a zoo, so for our field trip we will visit the zoo. Other times our field trips will not align with our monthly projects. **Note: Field trip costs are separate and will be due at the beginning of each month.**

Field Trip Ideas:

  • Science Center
  • National Aquarium
  • Camp Puh’Tok
  • Luray Caverns
  • Robinson  Nature Center

Community Events:

A co-op is more than just a learning experience. It’s about building a community of like-minded individuals. A community celebrates together and builds friendships. Join us for holiday celebrations, field days, and playdates.

Community Event Ideas:

  • Trunk or Treat
  • End of Year Party
  • Valentine’s Get Together
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Play Day

What Others Are Saying About Previous Programs...

Kelly, Mom of Two
"I love to see my son catching onto certain areas so quickly while also being able to step back and work on other areas a little longer when needed. My child has grown a lot since starting the program. I love that our days are hands-on and child-led, but I don’t feel like we’re missing anything."
Jennifer, Mom of One
"One of the things I love about this style of homeschooling is that it’s relaxed and tailored to my unique child. This style just seems so patient and I love it, which is why I decided to do the investment. I believe it is an approach that should be taken more by many parents because every child is unique!"
Brittany, Mom of Twin Boys
"Omgosh, I love love love your work! This unit is amazing! I swear we are curriculum soul mates other than the fact that I despise making it myself. I'm not kidding, brought tears to my eyes seeing all the hands-on activities and the organization of it is just perfect."

Who's Amanda?

Single Mom, Homeschooler, Co-Op Director, Teacher.

As a former elementary school teacher, Amanda has spent her whole life learning about education. Weirdly enough, it’s one of her most cherished hobbies. 

Amanda is passionate about education and developmentally appropriate practices. She is dedicated to helping parents understand the REAL developmentally appropriate standards that their children should be meeting in each grade level.

Amanda is a supporter of delayed academics, child-led learning, and open-ended learning experiences. She strives to help parents feel confident in their educational choices while also making it fun for both the child and parent.

Join Homegrown Learning Studio

Fall Session Only

$ 200 One Time Payment
  • $150 Registration Fee
  • $50 Materials Fee
  • Includes 3 STEM classes per month
  • Includes community events
  • Field trip costs are seperate

Per Year

September 2021-August 2022
$ 480 One Time Payment
  • $110 Per Session Registration Fees (3 sessions)
  • $50 Per Session Materials Fee (3 sessions)
  • Includes 3 STEM classes per month
  • Includes community events
  • Field trip costs are seperate
Save 20%

Frequently Asked Questions

As of right now, parents must stay. However, you do not need to stay in the room during class. You just need to stay on the property.

The church has several rooms that we are allowed to use. You may take siblings to another room. I suggest bringing some toys, games, or schoolwork for them.

Each week’s class will be at least an hour. However, if the children are engaged I will not interrupt them to end class. I will wait for the children to naturally end things.

Yes! We offer a 15% discount when registering more than 1 child. You can find the discount codes on the checkout page.

1. Choose whether you are registering for the fall session only or for the whole year. The whole year includes 3 sessions (Jan-Apr; May-Aug; Sept-Dec).

2. Once you’re inside the cart, change the quantity to the number of children you are registering and check out.

3. Keep an eye on your email. An entrance survey will be emailed within 24 hours. This survey helps me get to know your child, your expectations and gives me ideas for projects.

4. Our first meeting will be on September 9 at 2pm. I will send out details about this class the week before.

**Before your child can participate in the first class, I need you to sign a liability agreement and a photo/video release. I need you and your child to sign a good behavior statement as well. All of these documents will be handed to you as you enter the first class on September 9.